Welcome to our E-Journal

Patron Message
Prof Anita Kaushal

The journal "Academic Vision" is an effort to channelize the research acumen and intellectual wisdom of the academic fraternity towards issues of academic and social relevance. The journal follows a strict peer review process to maintain quality of the publication. It is expected that the knowledge generated through this endeavour will deepen the intellectual insights of the readers.

The present endeavour is also part of the policy of Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh towards the. promotion of the Research skills of the Faculty. The institution is thankful to Chandigarh Administration for its support in this cause.

I congratulate the members of the Advisory Board and Editorial Board, for their sincere efforts for this endeavour.

Chief Editor Message
Prof Nirupma Luthra
Chief Editor

The ideas gain their relevance when they are recorded and published. The journal "Academic Vision" provides a platform for the researchers to share their insights into the social reality around them.

As the Chief Editor of the inaugural issue, I am thankful to the members of the Advisory Board for setting the norms for the selection, review and publication of the research papers.

The research journal will be an e journal with biannual issues. Quality research papers on various disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences will be selected on the basis of recommendation of the referees.

I am confident that we will be able to attract good pieces of writing from the academic fraternity of repute.